Taking a cue from Analoge Architektur, this design is a slight tweak on the original, much loved workbench I’ve used for the last 12 years, when I inherited it from it’s previous owner. All dimensions are the same, the sides slightly skewed, and there is a bottom shelf with a small edge, to keep tools, from… Læs Mere

Alive and well but morphing uncontrollably! After spending a lot of time on the “Find The Fun” fase of the “racing” part, I’ve moved on to the puzzle part. Staying true to the goal of making a really fun game, I’ve been trying  out vastly different ideas, and not letting the fact that this started… Læs Mere

Working on part of the gameplay on the “transport” layer of the game. Here we are highjacking other cars and collecting jewels. –… Læs Mere

Working with “fake” 3D in 2D. The shadow is made from polygons, that stretch from the occupied tile in the light direction. Fading the color of the far vertices simulates ambient light.… Læs Mere

Got a nice functional AI driver now First test is with ONE parameter: Stay in the middle of the road! She has no idea of where to go yet 🙂 Next up is spiking this with a little sense of direction…   –     Testing the many parameters the AI will read    … Læs Mere

Preparing for AI, and crash/on off track detection in general. Because PaperRacers is inherently grid based, the common approach of making zones ( see Alex Brooks video below) can probably be exchanged for a dot based system. Dot grid creation and detection of dots on the track are in. Now to see if I can come up… Læs Mere